I’m Jimmy Smutek

Headshot for Jimmy Smutek

I’m a web developer from Baltimore Maryland. I work at Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health as Sr. Programmer Analyst on the Communications & Marketing team, in the Department of External Affairs. Before that I worked at Ainsley Agency, first as a Web Developer and eventually as Lead Web Developer.

Prior to joining the Ainsley team I worked as a freelance web developer for 2 years, helping small businesses create engaging and effective websites.

My background was originally in graphic design, and I worked as a designer for about ten years.

I studied Computer Graphics & Visual Communication at CCBC and Corporate Communication at the University of Baltimore. I like modular synthesizers, drum machines and skateboards, and I love hanging out with my family, and learning new stuff.

This is my web development blog. I also maintain neglect my personal blog at smutek.blog if you’d like to check it out.