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I’m Jimmy Smutek

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I’m a web developer, musician, and general tech nerd from Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a dad, a husband, and a late life diagnosed autistic. I am generally obsessed with computers, computer programming, info-sec, digital art, and electronic music production.

I’m currently disabled while recovering from an illness but previously I’ve worked at Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health as a Senior Programmer Analyst and a Lead Web Developer, and at Baltimore agency Ainsley & Co., as a Web Developer and as Lead Web Developer.

I’ve studied Computer Graphics and Visual Communication at Community College of Baltimore County, Marketing and Corporate Communication at the University of Baltimore, and Software Development and Security at the University of Maryland.

My professional background began in graphics design, and I was able to gain a broad creative and technical foundation while working as a work-study, part-time for the Baltimore nonprofit, Baltimore Art & Music Project. I worked closely with the Director to create print branding and web collateral for local grassroots arts & music events. My love of learning and technology eventually led me into full-time web development, and then to focus on backend systems, software development, and security.

I like to make electronic music with my drum machines and synths, and I’m a tech and computer nerd in general so I enjoy learning about programming, information security, and operating systems as a hobby. I’m a Mac user but I also nerd out a lot on various flavors of Linux. Python is my favorite language but I can also program with PHP and JavaScript.

I openly identify as anti-fascist and anti-racist because fascism and racism are bad. I believe trans rights are human rights and I believe Black Lives Matter.

This is my web development blog. I also have my personal blog at if you’d like to check it out.