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Maintaining the Roots Stack

Here’s a short screen cast showing how to maintain the Roots stack once it’s been deployed. In this screen cast I update WordPress core, Jetpack, and the WordPress SEO Framework plugin. The SEO plugin is a little quirky with updating, but aside from that you’ll see that everything goes smoothly and it’s a super easy process.

It’s as easy as:

  • Update version numbers as needed in /site/composer.json
  • Run composer update
  • Make sure everything works.
  • Add & commit to VC git add all & git commit
  • Push to your master repo, in my case git push origin master
  • CD to your trellis directory and deploy to your target environment, for me: ./ production

If you haven’t seen my other videos, I recently did a 3 part series on moving a WordPress website from shared hosting to a Roots stack running on a Digital Ocean droplet. Check them out here –

Part 1: Setting up Trellis & Bedrock
Part 2: Install plugins & import data
Part 3: Set up Digital Ocean & deploy


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