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Open Home Office

Man, it’s been many moons since my last blog post. I’m going to break that dry spell and start posting regularly again, and I thought I’d kick off with a quick one.

Here’s a link that’s just too good not to share.

Open Home Office (YC S17) Raises $7M To Bring Office Distractions To Remote Workers Nationwide


Enjoy working from home, but yearn for the interminable stimulation and irritation of an open office? There’s an app for that….

…Available as a web app or on Apple and Android devices, Open Home Office runs in the background and uses sporadic audio, video, push notifications, and vibration to offer a shockingly realistic simulation of an open office…

…It utilizes a Perlin noise algorithm to generate unique and realistic constellations of hacking coughs, wet sneezes, open mouth chewing, bags of Sunchips being opened, an absent coworker’s phone alarm going off on their desk that nobody nearby is volunteering to silence, distant toilet flushes, and soda cans being opened, among thousands of other sound options…

-via Hacker news

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