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On Getting Old(er) In Tech

This was a great read, full of sage advice for kids of all ages (and professions). 🙂 My main takeaways – Keep learning, keep growing, stay healthy, be yourself. On Getting Old(er) in Tech, by Don Denoncourt -via Hacker News

GitHub Audio

Listen to music generated by events happening across GitHub 🙂 Awesome! – via hacker news

A little function for oEmbed + ACF

We’ve been doing a lot of videos on our sites lately. Well, we’ve always done a lot of videos on our sites. The model is usually an on-page embed, either directly in page or via a modal, and we set the back-end up to use the oEmbed field in Advanced Custom Fields Pro. It gives … Continued

Trellis + Xdebug + PhpStorm

I love running Xdebug through PhpStorm’s built in debugger but have had the hardest time getting it to work with Trellis. I have no problem getting it going with VVV but have never been able to get my path mappings correct in Trellis.

Well, turns out it’s really simple with PhpStorm’s Zero-Configuration debugging.