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Setting up VVV for WordPress Development

This walkthrough video shows how to setup Varying Vagrant Vagrants for WordPress development on a Mac. Also covered is installation of Varying VVV site creation wizard & VVV Provision flipper, both by Brad Parbs, and how to install topdown VVV Dashboard by Jeff Behnke. It’s all pretty straight forward and, in my experience, working with … Continued

Function for Post Format Icons

/** * Output Post Format icons * * Outputs an icon for each post format. Set up to use Fontawesome, * but can be used with anything, or you can just use CSS. * * @return string */ function post_format_icon() { global $post; // get current post ID $id = $post->ID; // get post format … Continued

WC Lancaster 2016

I was super honored to speak at WordCamp Lancaster today! My topic was WordPress workflows with PHPStorm. Here’s a link to my slides and some helpful resources.