Setting up VVV for WordPress Development

This walkthrough video shows how to setup Varying Vagrant Vagrants for WordPress development on a Mac. Also covered is installation of Varying VVV site creation wizard & VVV Provision flipper, both by Brad Parbs, and how to install topdown VVV Dashboard by Jeff Behnke. It’s all pretty straight forward and, in my experience, working with…

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Function for Post Format Icons

 * Output Post Format icons
 * Outputs an icon for each post format. Set up to use Fontawesome,
 * but can be used with anything, or you can just use CSS.
 * @return string
function post_format_icon() {
  global $post;
  // get current post ID
  $id     = $post->ID;
  // get post format
  $format = get_post_format( $id );
  // array of icons as $format => $icon key/value pairs
  $icons = [
    'standard' => 'fa-pencil',
    'aside'    => 'fa-sticky-note',
    'chat'     => 'fa-comments',
    'gallery'  => 'fa-picture-o',
    'link'     => 'fa-external-link',
    'image'    => 'fa-camera',
    'quote'    => 'fa-quote-left',
    'status'   => 'fa-commenting',
    'video'    => 'fa-video-camera'
  // format will return false if no format is set. So, evaluate against this..
  // if format = false then $icon = standard, else icon = selected format
  $format == ( false ) ? $icon = $icons['standard'] : $icon = $icons[ $format ];
  // string to be output
  // echo a full line of html or just drop the output in as a class
  $output = $icon;
  // return the output
  return $output;

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