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Setting up VVV for WordPress Development

This walkthrough video shows how to setup Varying Vagrant Vagrants for WordPress development on a Mac. Also covered is installation of Varying VVV site creation wizard & VVV Provision flipper, both by Brad Parbs, and how to install topdown VVV Dashboard by Jeff Behnke.

It’s all pretty straight forward and, in my experience, working with Vagrant boxes is preferable over working with MAMP, or Desktop Server. Both of those are great products, for sure, but it’s nice to run the development server on the same stack as the production server – which in most cases is going to be a LAMP stack, as opposed to a MAMP or WAMP stack.

Also, once you’re comfortable with Vagrant it’s possible to start exploring some of the other boxes out there, such as Trellis or Scotch, for example, and it becomes possible to setup the development stack to match the production stack exactly, for perfect parity between development and production environments.

Short of it is, it’s pretty straight forward to set up and, in my case, taking the time to learn this has helped me to up my skill set.

Links –

If you prefer reading over watching, Brad Parbs wrote an excellent walk-through on the WebDevStudios blog.

Note – around the 14 minute mark I ran into an issue with Varying VVV not remembering the path to my VVV installation folder. The fix was pretty easy.

In my case, VVV is in a folder called vvv, so just open the .vvv-config file in vim, or nano, or whatever.

vim ~/.vvv-config

Then update the path and save the file. In my case my install is located in my home directory / sites / vvv

	"path": "/Users/jimmysmutek/sites/vagrant-local"

changes to –

	"path": "/Users/jimmysmutek/sites/vvv"

The next vv-create ran without issue.

Hope this post is helpful to someone!

2 responses to “Setting up VVV for WordPress Development

    1. Hey Daniel, I’m so glad you found it helpful. The audio was completely my fault – that was my first WordCamp talk and I was super nervous, to the point that when my lapel mic fell off I just left it, as opposed to asking for help and potentially drawing more attention to myself… :-p

      I haven’t been posting lately, but I’ve been considering doing that talk as a post. Is that something you’d find helpful?

      I’ve also been planning on doing a Php Storm specific series of posts. Setting up a WP project, setting up keyboard shortcuts, etc.

      Is there anything in particular you’d be interested in seeing?

      Thanks again for reading, and for the comment!

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